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Pole Dancing Aerobics

Apr 20, 2022

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Pole Dancing Aerobics

Pole dancing aerobics is one of the emerging trends in the field of health and fitness these days. If you are getting bored of seeing the same old treadmill and other fitness equipment inside the gym, then pole dancing aerobics could be right for you. Pole dancing in itself is a form of sport that incorporates art and skill. It integrates ballet, modern dance and gymnastic movements around a single polished pole.

There could be countless of tricks and varieties that may be performed in a choreographed pole dance routine. Most of the body movements would include static poses, body inverts, climbs and spins. Your pole aerobics instructor may also add a little floor work and several seductive filler moves to complete your pole dance routine.

As a fitness routine, pole-dancing aerobics gained its popularity since the previous decade as the people were becoming aware of its health benefits. Pole dancing aerobics is often thought of as a sensual dance but nevertheless, there are wide varieties of pole dancing steps to choose from that will shape your body, increase flexibility and so much more.

Pole dancing aerobics can also help you tone your entire body while enhancing self-esteem and overall fitness. Strengthen every part of your body as you enjoy the routine’s fun dance steps without thinking what you will look like. Pole dancing aerobics is also believed to enhance your confidence and fitness level at a personalized pace and give you a feeling of wellness.

Pole dancing consists of three different styles namely exotic dance, pole fitness and empowerment. Exotic dance is perhaps what initially comes into the minds of people. This could be the sleazy image but does not have to be the case. It does make several women feel seductive and they will still want this form of dancing on their exercise routines. This kind of dancing can be beautiful to watch and have been likened to a ‘gliding swan’.

Several women have also experienced empowerment after they get used to pole dancing aerobics. It may provide emotional advantages such as enhanced self-esteem and confidence levels. It could also make women feel taller, stronger and more confident. According to research studies, physical exertion results to a positive effect on the brain’s sensory areas thus releasing serotonin and endorphins. These major neurotransmitters are responsible for the feelings of euphoria and happiness and act as the human body’s natural analgesics.

Pole dancing is now a recognized form of exercise for toning and strength training. Participants should expect toning from head to toe and an increased muscle definition in the thighs, buttocks and arms. For health buffs out there, a good pole dance aerobic sessions could help you burn up to 400 calories in an hour.

Learning the right pole dance techniques can be hard at first. There are plenty of moves and strategies that you need to learn starting from beginners to intermediates and advanced. You do not need to be really fit or flexible in the beginning since you gradually build up strength, skills and flexibility through time.