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Health Tips For Women Over 30

Apr 20, 2022

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Health Tips For Women Over 30

In the evolution of modern living, women are now in the forefront of the competitive society. Women are now expected to balance their family life and their career.

With the ever increasing demand from work and from home, women found themselves coping with tight schedule and pressing demands from both sides. In the midst of such challenges, women should also consider their personal well being.

Studies show that women are more prone to health issues as compared to their men counterpart. Women are more prone to anemia, anxiety, depression, osteoporosis, migraine, stress and more. Therefore, women should learn to take care of their health. Here are the tips on how women can take care of their health.

Make time for yourself. This is a tough one. This is especially true if 24 hours is not even enough to accomplish your long “to do lists” for the day. You do not have to squeeze your “time for yourself” on an every day basis. Make it at least twice a month. Do something you love doing. Breathe the air of life, so to speak. Do not be guilty. You might be thinking you are gratifying yourself at the expense of your responsibility. Of course you are not.

Women are prone to stress. Reserving time for yourself can help you release those stress hormones piling up in your system. You have to rejuvenate yourself so you could go back and face your battles.

You should also exercise. Have a regular exercise program in the gym. Or you may simply schedule a jogging program if you can not go to the gym. Sweat produced by your body due to exercise releases harmful toxins in your body. It is also a tested way to improve with your endurance.

Eat healthy foods. Nutritious food could sustain your body so you could meet the demands from your competitive world. It also keeps you away from viral or bacterial sickness. It is important to have a healthy body so you could cope with your responsibilities.

These are the basics of taking care of your health. You might be surprised that this is difficult to maintain. But then, a smart woman knows that it is wiser to invest in our health. After all, when it comes to illness, prevention is always better than cure.