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Exercise Tips for Women Over 30

Apr 20, 2022

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Exercise Tips for Women Over 30

Turning thirty is a milestone for most people. Women, in particular, should be aware that this is the time to take control of their bodies. It is unfortunate, but true, that most women wait until they are fifty-plus to start exercising and eating properly. The benefits of exercise in the battle against aging are phenomenal. With the right exercise routine and diet, women cannot only feel their best but also live longer.

Physical exercise for women over thirty is any activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health or wellness in the human body. Reasons for exercising include strengthening muscles and the cardiovascular system, improving athletic skills, weight loss, and enjoyment. It also improves mental health, helps prevent depression, helps to promote or maintain positive self-esteem, and can even enhance an individual’s body image. Women can greatly benefit from any of these positive changes.

Before you start an exercise program it would be a good idea to talk to a doctor, especially if you have not been active in a while. After receiving the doctor’s approval you should start your workout slowly by beginning with maybe a brisk walk. It is entirely possible to simply sneak exercise into your day. Small things can add up to big results. For instance, take the stairs instead of the elevator or park your car at the edges of parking lots, instead of finding that close space. If you work outside of the home, utilize your lunch break and go walking rather than sitting. If you stay at home, just increase the pace you move while you are doing your chores.

To maximize your chances of sticking with your new routine try to choose activities that you enjoy such as swimming or riding a bicycle. Switching these activities up can also improve your chances of success. Go biking one day and swimming the next. Find a friend or a loved one to share these activities with. It is often found that people can exercise longer when in the company of someone else. Don’t forget to make exercise enjoyable. Put on some of your favorite music or even watch a television show.

Low impact exercises such as aerobics and walking are great exercises for women over thirty. They increase the body’s ability to use oxygen making them a great cardiovascular workout. Aerobics and walking can be intensified by carrying hand weights or wearing leg weights. Once you feel comfortable with these lighter exercises you can begin high-impact exercises such as jogging. These exercises will promote lean muscle mass in women and higher metabolic rates.

The entire point of the exercise is to improve your health. Women should exercise at least 3 times a week for no less than 30 minutes. The thirty minutes can be achieved in one session or can be broken down into three ten-minute intervals. It is important to get an accelerated heartbeat because that is what causes the burning of fat. Don’t forget to stretch during all of this. Stretching promotes flexibility and reduces injuries. Women can’t control aging, but they can control the rate at which it occurs with proper exercise.