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Exercise Tips for Future Moms

Apr 20, 2022

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Exercise Tips for Future Moms

Are you expecting a baby?

Well, your first priority is to make sure that your child is healthy and nothing that you do causes harm. Pregnant moms, especially first- time moms, should take advantage of some exercise tips. 

First of all, consider the safety aspect – is it safe to exercise when you are expecting a baby?

Well, for that answer, you have to go back to ancient times, when Roman women used to indulge in heavy manual labor after sex, when they did not want to conceive.

That activity did not always work out successfully! Naturally, you are definitely not going to indulge in heavy manual labor after you have conceived, nor are you going to tire yourself out. Your body is already undergoing many physical, mental and emotional changes, including a feeling of fatigue and lethargy. You cannot afford to indulge in exercises over a long period of time, at one go.

Before beginning an exercise routine, remember to ask your doctor whether it is safe for you to do so. The moment he says that you are healthy and the pregnancy is normal, you can continue the activities you did before you got pregnant. However, do not participate in for potentially dangerous exercises like horse riding, skiing or bike riding.

Be sure that your body is well hydrated; the more water you drink, the more accumulated toxic waste will be removed.  Water and fresh fruit juices are good for your baby. Stop exercising the moment you feel tired. Overexertion is not going to benefit you or the baby. Instead, there is a chance that you might harm your baby, just because you did some overenthusiastic exercising! Besides this, your body metabolism is going to be increased in such a manner that you will lose all that extra weight so much quicker after the baby is born!

Why do you need to exercise, when you are expecting a baby?

If you were not used to exercising before you got pregnant, it is sensible that you begin to do so, now. This is because you are going to add on lots of additional weight. With proper exercises during your pregnancy, not only are you going to stay fit, but you are also going to reap all the benefits of a regular exercise schedule. Nevertheless, you need to take some precautions by asking your obstetrician whether some particular exercise routine is safe.

A healthy mother can do almost any exercise routine under the guidance of an experienced trainer. The trainer is going to make sure that the mother does not over exert herself. However, if you are suffering from any possibly serious medical conditions, like heart problems or high blood pressure, you may be advised to exercise in moderation. Proper precautionary measures, especially during the last trimester, need to be taken, because you cannot afford any sort of strain on your body or potential harm to the baby.

Should you go in for weight training?

Well, if your doctor says so, you can do a little bit of weight training. Of course, you are definitely not going to be lifting very heavy weights. You may want to join an exercise program with a number of other expectant mothers, so that you can talk to them and gain the benefit of their experience! A healthy diet along with proper exercise will show up as a healthy mom and a healthy kiddie! So, ask your doctor for the exercise plans that are best suited to your pregnancy stage, right away!