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Every Woman’s Dress Shoe Essentials

Apr 20, 2022

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Every Woman’s Dress Shoe Essentials

Women are known for their shoe collections.  Even if you’re a woman who is not necessarily “into” the shoe thing, you still have to keep a number of pairs of shoes in your closet for specific kinds of occasions.  There are a few essential womens dress shoes which every shoe rack simply must contain in order to be sure that you are ready for any occasion.  The last thing you want to have to do is go out on an emergency shoe run for a last minute event—or, well, maybe you do and you were just looking for an excuse!  Either way—whether you are a shoe fanatic or more of a flip-flop kind of gal—here are some basics you should have on “hand” to be ready for anything.

Sexy Sandals

Sandals can be very versatile and dress up just about any look.  From a totally formal gown to short skirts, Capri pants, or even jeans–you can give your look that extra touch of flair with a pair of sexy, strappy sandals.  While it’s fun to have a whole shelf full of sandals for any occasion, you can cover your basic wardrobe needs with just a couple of pairs in neutral colors. 

Tall Boots

Tall boots, anywhere from mid-calf to knee in height, dress up any outfit with class and flair.  They can take a basic skirt or dress and turn it into a truly eye catching outfit, or give a plain old pair of skinny jeans some serious attitude.  Tall boots go anywhere and, depending on the clothing with which they are paired, are suitable for just about any occasion.  So, add some sass to your wardrobe with at least two pairs of tall boots—one in brown and one in black.

Classic Dress Shoes

Every closet also needs a more classically conservative pair of basic dress shoes.  Suitable with dress slacks or skirts and dresses, these are an essential element of your shoe rack.  Even if you choose not to wear them very often, when the need arises you will be glad you have them.  Again, just a couple of pairs of classic dress shoes in neutral colors are adequate for most occasions.

One thing to keep in mind with all of the above shoe essentials is that heels, while they are known to have a slimming and elongating effect on the leg, are not always the most practical choice for everyone.  Thankfully, there are many types of heels available to choose from these days, so if you’re not a fan of the skinny, wobbly stiletto type (some of us were just not born with the kind of poise to look graceful on a tiny heel like that!), feel free to choose from some of the more practical, chunky styles of heels.  They also don’t have to be incredibly high heels to achieve the desired leg effect—2 to 3 inches is usually sufficient.

Whether you have hundreds of pairs of shoes in your closet or just the basic necessities, these are three essential types of womens dress shoes that your closet should not be without!