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Causes of Early Menopause

Apr 20, 2022

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Causes of Early Menopause

For most women, menopause is something that they do not think about until they are older or in their 40s and anticipating their 50s.  For some women, though, menopause can begin for them in their 30’s.  This can be a heartbreaking thing to discover that you are 35 and can no longer have children.  To safeguard against this problem, and potentially heartbreaking and relationship-ending issue, there are some things that you can do to prevent yourself from going into early menopause.

First, do not smoke.  Not only can you get lung and throat cancer, but it can ruin your reproductive organs.  Not only that, but if you smoke while you are pregnant, you are harming the baby as well.  There are many programs that will help you quit smoking and if you think those will not help you, talk to your doctor about quitting.  They should be able to assist you.

Second, radiation therapy can send women into early menopause.  This is especially true for cancer survivors.  Although there is nothing one can do about having radiation therapy, perhaps explore the option of having some eggs frozen so that a surrogate could have your child implanted when you are ready to have children.  If it is safe for you to explore other therapies, like herbs, that may be an option, but following your doctor’s advice should be the only thing that you do, to keep yourself healthy.

Third, damage to the ovaries will send a woman into early menopause.  Unfortunately, more women have been injured or damaged by being raped, gang-raped, or sexually abused that they cannot have children.  For example, a girl who is about 13 years old is lured into a bathroom at her junior high school.  A boy ambushes her and rapes her for 4 hours until the school janitor finds them.  Immediately, the police are called, along with the girl’s parents, but the damage is already done.  He has hurt her so much that she will never bear children.  The doctors who attended her were forced to remove both of her ovaries in order to save her life.  From that day on, that girl was no longer a girl.  She had to have Estrogen Replacement Therapy to make certain that the rest of the body developed correctly, but she was never the same.  Sadly, there was no way to be sure that she could have children.

Fourth, a low body weight, of 25 percent or less can send a woman into early menopause.  This is believed to happen because the woman’s body believes it is shutting down and begins to stop all unnecessary functions, like reproducing.  This is also true for vegetarians because the body does not get enough protein.  For some reason, women who live in high altitudes also can have this problem.  If you are a woman that may be in one of these categories, consult with your doctor to see what you can do to remain healthy and still be able to maintain your lifestyle while attempting to have children.