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Caesarean Section Procedure: Pros and Cons

Apr 20, 2022

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Caesarean Section Procedure: Pros and Cons

Over the past half-century, there have been amazing strides in health care and as technology continues to advance, childbirth is no longer seen as a scary venture. In fact, the mortality rate of both mother and child has dropped significantly and there is no longer a serious fear of mother or child dying while in childbirth.

However, as with everything else in life, complications will arise from time to time, and giving birth is no different. A cesarean section may be mandatory in instances such as breech birth, fetal distress or repeats cesarean section procedures.

Many women today, are now able to choose a cesarean section as a delivery option. Even when it is not necessary. The reasons for this choice will vary from woman to woman; however, the most common reason given is usually the fear of labor and the pain associated with it. However, as with any other major abdominal surgery, a cesarean section does carry a certain number of risks associated with its implementation.

This article will seek to highlight the pros and cons of doing such a procedure.


– Less anticipated stress for the mother since the date and time of delivery are preset

– Post-term pregnancies can definitely be avoided with cesarean section, as most of these operations are planned within 39-40 weeks of gestation

– If the mother has an STD infection, then the risks of her passing it on to the baby are greatly reduced by this method.

– There is less risk of trauma associated with natural births, such as swelling, bruising, and tearing of the vagina.

– Decreased risk of the woman suffering from pelvic floor abnormalities. Women who have had cesareans have fewer incidences of urinary incontinence as opposed to persons who have had vaginal births.

– Little or no pain and absence of many agonizing hours of labor


The International Cesarean Awareness Network is strongly against what is known as ‘convenient’ C – sections, that is, persons electing to have a cesarean done even when not necessary. The rationale behind this decision can be backed up by several valid concerns.

They are:

– The associated risk of undergoing surgery remains the same regardless of the reason behind it.

– There is always the chance of an infection setting in as a result of the invasive procures and techniques.

– Also, the chances of hemorrhaging, infant mortality, and development of scar tissue are significantly increased.

– There is always the risk of the doctor inadvertently cutting the baby during the procedure

– The bonding between mother and baby may be damaged and breastfeeding can be difficult to establish thereafter.

– The baby can be afflicted with respiratory problems associated with this form of delivery. There is actually a study that seeks to identify a possible connection between cesarean births and various medical conditions such as lactose intolerance and asthma.

The pros and cons highlighted within this article should be carefully considered and weighed in light of your personal situation. However, ensure that the decision you make will be the absolute best one for both you and your baby.