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Body Image And Expectant Moms

Apr 20, 2022

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Body Image And Expectant Moms

Being an expectant mom is definitely an exhilarating experience, especially when you are a first-time parent and the child is eagerly awaited. However, a number of women are going to feel a lot of emotional stress when they find their bodies changing to accommodate the new life growing inside. Worrying about your body image and your self-esteem may cause you to feel a lot of stress, especially when you notice a slim body growing disproportionately.  Therefore, here are some tips for expectant mothers so that they do not feel disturbed at their changing body images. Included are also some tips for prospective fathers!

The father needs to reassure the mother that she is still attractive. It may be difficult to believe, but a number of women do not want to get pregnant because they think that their partners are going to leave them just because they look different. If their partners are so fickle, they do not deserve to be fathers. A mother should be proud of being a mother. A supportive husband or partner, who assures her that she is still beautiful in his sight, wanted, and cherished because she is the mother of his child, is going to do a lot to keep her healthy.

A prospective father also has to remember that an expecting mother goes through a significant number of mood changes. This is due to the large number of hormones produced and spread throughout the body. She may feel happy at one moment and depressed in a couple of hours. Therefore, partners should be responsible enough to support her, when she thinks herself a “fat ugly woman who nobody loves.” Proper support at this time will show the maturity that is needed in a prospective father who is ready to take on the challenge of supporting his wife and bringing up his child.

Expectant moms may find it hard to accept the fact that their bodies are not going to be as trim and slim as they were before pregnancy. Well, proper exercise and diet after childbirth can bring them back into a trim shape again. In fact, there are a large number of Yummy Mummy exercise videos available in the market today, which can help an expectant mother during her pregnancy and after.

 Talking about body image – there is another thing that an expectant mother has to guard against is the feeling of depression, just because some tactless fool calls her “fat.” Your body has changed because you are bringing a precious gift to the world. Before you got pregnant, you considered yourself “beautiful.” Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and the moment you understand that you are still beautiful, even though your body looks different and feels different, you are going to get used to the idea of this body change.

Stop worrying about losing the weight gained during your pregnancy. Stop worrying about cellulite and stretch marks. Stop worrying about sagging tissue. If you feel depressed about your body image, remember that this is just a temporary state, and you are going to be looking as attractive as you were, before, with a little bit of proper diet management and exercise!