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Aerobics Exercises 101

Apr 20, 2022

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Aerobics Exercises 101

Exercises should be a part of a person’s daily healthy lifestyle. A regular exercises program complemented with adequate amounts of rest and a healthy diet can work wonders in the human body. There are plenty of exercise programs these days that have been developed by many fitness experts. Weight lifting, strength training, and muscle building can aid in weight loss and other muscle development programs. You can even choose to take part in a boot camp training workout once in a while.

Aerobic literally means ‘presence of oxygen’. Thus, an aerobic exercise is any form of activity that enhances oxygen consumption in the human body and increasing its respiration rates as well. An aerobic exercise usually involves the larger muscle groups, follows a specific rhythm and is something that can be maintained for longer time periods. Executing an aerobic activity for at least thirty minutes daily coaches the heart and the lungs to process oxygen transfer effectively to every tissue of the human body.

As the respiration rates for body cells increase, the amount of fats and sugar present in the body is also metabolized at a faster pace which results to weight loss. Among the most popular aerobic exercises include walking, climbing the stairs, running, jumping rope and swimming. Performing aerobic exercises also strengthens the cardiac muscles. The heart muscles start to work effectively, pumping greater amounts of blood with every stroke.

Aerobics Exercises Benefits

Aerobic exercises possess many health benefits to the human body. Aerobics exercises have a direct beneficial effect to the heart and the circulatory system. Here are some of the many advantages that you can benefit from aerobics exercises:

• Increases the body’s tolerance to fatigue

• Lowers the blood’s cholesterol levels

• A good tool for weight management

• Reduces risk for cardiovascular and heart problems

• Helps in the prevention for Diabetes Mellitus Type II

• Improves the quality of a person’s resting periods

• Helps strengthens muscles and bones

• Helps combat against osteoporosis

• Improves an individual’s energy levels

• Provides a sound mental health

• Decrease risks for many types of cancer

• Prevents arthritis and other joint inflammatory conditions

Weight Loss Aerobics Exercises

Find an aerobic exercise that involves multiple body parts. These exercises include boxing and football workout routines. The exercise should be something that will promote the movement of arms, neck, legs, abdomen, feet, hips etc.

Aerobics exercises should be based on a persons certain fitness level. A low-impact aerobic routine will be ideal for beginners. When you reach the average, you can now upgrade yourself to other aerobic exercises like step aerobics, jumping rope and swimming. For peak fitness levels, boxing and running would be appropriate choices.

Learn the art of cross training. There are plenty of fitness professionals who would recommend cross training to enhance the weight loss benefits of aerobic exercises. Alternate some of the high and low impact routines.

Do your routine after a weight training program or on empty stomach. Studies have shown that aerobic exercise routines performed before breakfast can help you burn up to 300% more of those fatty cells. It usually takes 30 minutes of workout to deplete the body’s glycogen stores and start to burn the fatty deposits.